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Erzincan Kemah Tulum Cheese
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Erzincan has a wide variety of plants,
It is produced from fresh milk of sheep fed from ice-cold waters in clean and cool plateaus.
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Kemah Özeren; quality products and services on time delivery and customer satisfaction by keeping in the forefront, continuous quality and continuous improvement in the direction of projects aiming to serve you and always better customers ...

Kemah Ozeren Cheese; has adopted the principle of making clean, honest and realistic trade by producing solutions in accordance with the modern management concept, advancing rapidly on the right way by giving importance to development and quality with the understanding of keeping the targets set in the foreground.

It is a new and dynamic company that sets out with the motto of trust, quality and customer satisfaction. Erzincan Kemah Tulum Cheese, which we produce from 100% natural sheep milk, is completely unadulterated. Product Orders 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg, you can order as ...

Clean and Reliable

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Timely delivery

Our company has been a manufacturer of tulum cheese for many years, to facilitate the search for natural nutrients, has started to serve 7/24 via internet.

Our products are produced in a completely healthy and developed environment and are also manufactured in a completely natural environment.
As Kemah Özeren Tulum Cheese, we aim to enable our people to consume tulum cheese and pickled cheese types and now accept online orders with reliable infrastructure.

Erzincan Kemah region and we serve you on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Kemahlı Ozeren Tulum Cheese
Delivering quality products and services on time and keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, We aim to provide better and better service to our customers by acting in the direction of continuous quality and continuous development projects ...
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Kemah Tulum Cheese

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Kemah Honey

Organic Flower Honey order

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